AIME’s MEM40119 Certificate IV in Engineering Maintenance provides training on the skills needed to gain employment as a technician in engineering maintenance.

The skills cover all aspects of maintaining equipment in optimum working order to maximise efficiency and profitability for the enterprise.

This course is heavily geared toward Reliability Engineering, and will suit a suitable qualified tradesman looking to further their career.

You choose how often and either morning or afternoon classes based on your lifestyle or roster and amount of RPL granted.

MEM40119 CERTIFICATE IV IN ENGINEERING (MAINTENANCE): IS FEE FREE IN 2024! *This course is 100% subsidised by the Government this year.


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The following table lists the units of competence included in the course:

MEM09002 Interpret technical drawing

MEM11011 Undertake manual handling

MEM12003 Perform precision mechanical measurement

MEM12019 Measure components using coordinate measuring machines

MEM12021 Program coordinate measuring machines

MEM12023 Perform engineering measurements

MEM12024 Perform computations

MEM12025 Use graphical techniques and perform simple statistical computations

MEM12026 Perform advanced trade calculations in a manufacturing engineering or related environment

MEM13015 Work safely and effectively in manufacturing and engineering

MEM14006 Plan work activities

MEM16006 Organise and communicate information

MEM16008 Interact with computing technology

MEM17003 Assist in the provision of on-the-job training

MEM18001 Use hand tools

MEM18002 Use power tools/handheld operations

MEM18003 Use tools for precision work

MEM18004 Maintain and overhaul mechanical equipment

MEM18005 Perform fault diagnosis, installation and removal of bearings

MEM18006 Perform precision fitting of engineering components

MEM18007 Maintain and repair mechanical drives and mechanical transmission assemblies

MEM18008 Balance equipment

MEM18009 Perform precision levelling and alignment of machines and engineering components

MEM18010 Perform equipment condition monitoring and recording

MEM18011 Shut down and isolate machines/equipment

MEM18012 Perform installation and removal of mechanical seals

MEM18016 Analyse plant and equipment condition monitoring results

MEM18018 Maintain pneumatic systems

MEM18019 Maintain pneumatic systems components

MEM18020 Maintain hydraulic system components

MEM18021 Maintain hydraulic systems

MEM18022 Maintain fluid power controls

MEM18023 MEM18023 Modify fluid power system operation

MEM18055 Dismantle, replace and assemble engineering components

MEM24001B Perform basic penetrant testing

MEM24003B Perform basic magnetic particle testing

MSMENV272 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

MSMENV472 Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

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To apply to enrol in this course please complete the application form or contact AIME by email at or phone 08 9399 6007.

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